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Industrial waste heat recoveryHeat exchange technology is the most direct way to recover industrial waste heat、
More efficient economic methods, such technologies do not change the form of residual heat energy,
It is only the energy dissipation process that transmits the residual heat energy directly

Energy efficient central heatingUrban central heating as an important component of municipal infrastructure,
The people's livelihood is a matter of great importance to governments from the central government to local
governments.The good or bad work of heating raises people's happiness,

Condensation heat recovery in power plants This technology belongs to a large temperature difference central heating system.
This kind of system can not only greatly increase the temperature difference between the supply and the return
water of high-temperature hot water compared with the conventional central heating system....

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Zhongqingyuan Environmental Conservation and Energy Conservation Co., Ltd.
was established in 2014. At present, the company's business direction mainly includes:
Power plant waste heat recovery, industrial energy conservation, environmental
protection nearly zero row. Zhong Qing Yuan Zhi is becoming a family
The Environmental Protection and energy conservation industry group
developed in the region covers the development of

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Continuously develop new patented technologies and participate in the formulation of standards for related technologies, and create greater value for customers and society through continuous efforts.
Build a green, comfortable and energy-saving livable environment for the society wholeheartedly.
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