Zhongqingyuan Environmental Protection And Energy Saving Co.pany Limited founded in 2014, located in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, is mainly engaged in the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste heat and waste energy, central heating and other energy-saving environmental protection technical services. It is an industrial enterprises in line with the development trend of international and national energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon economy. With the world’s leading energy-saving and environmental protection patented technology, it has obtained groundbreaking achievements in terms of the global energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, utilization of water resources and other aspects in order to deeply expand the energy value and has been awarded with the title of high-tech enterprise.

There is limited market scope, but no limit to the boundary of countries. In order to create clean resources for China and become a non-regional environmental protection and energy conservation industry group, the Company has been committed to the industrial waste heat recovery, energy-saving central heating, power plant condensate heat recovery and other energy sources utilization projects since its establishment. In the domestic energy-saving heating market, it innovatively uses a variety of techniques such as the recovery of waste heat from high back pressure exhaust steam in power plant, distributed large temperature-difference central-heating and centralized large temperature-difference central heating to provide design, construction, operation and management, aftermarket maintenance and other full-range services, and upgrades the traditional heating mode in order to build green, comfortable and energy-saving livable environment.

The Company attaches great importance to the human resources. By adhering to the principle that “the human resources development is superior to other resources development”, it holds the team building concept of “focus, collaboration and win-win situation” and attracts a number of talents specialized in the environmental protection and energy conservation industry to act as main and key roles. With a flat organizational structure and boundary-less management, it is able to quickly organize the project team according to the project characteristics through business management, project management, project consulting, planning and design, financing construction, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance to meet the project operation needs.

In response to the market challenges and the needs and expectations of customers and the market, the Company takes a flexible, professional and differentiated mode of cooperation with respect to the utilization of industrial waste heat and pressure and intelligent hot grid. For example, with respect to the utilization of waste heat from the power plant, it adopts the energy performance contracting (EPC) model, makes full use of exhaust steam recycled from the industrial factory and uses the world’s leading high-tech products for local central heating, waste profitability and energy reservation; with respect to livelihood projects of the local government, it adopts the BOT mode to participate in the investment, construction, operation and management of local heating pipe network. In addition, the Company adopts intelligent management in the project technology and has completely solved the difficulty in heat balance in the traditional heating to realize dynamic hydraulic balance and energy-saving control by time and zones according to different heat users, so as to maximally save the energy.

In September 2016, the Company cooperated with Wuxi Guolian Group, which became a shareholder of the Company through Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd. By this way, both parties have actively promoted the continuous upgrading of “high-tech energy-saving environment-friendly industries”, constantly developed new patented technology and participated in the development of relevant technical standards to create greater value for customers and the society through their efforts.