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2017/07/20 18:19
Project overview
Currently wuan central heating area of about 5 million ㎡, mainly by the peak thermoelectric, YunNing thermoelectric, an iron and steel, and yifeng's account.
In response to a national five-year plan, improve the efficiency of energy utilization, reducing emissions, and fully tap potential power plant heating, now the datang wuan power generation co., LTD. 2 x 300 mw turbo-generator set to waste heat recovery heating. Program USES the absorption heat pump, using heating extraction steam turbine as a driving heat source, recovery of steam turbine exhaust steam condensing heat heating, can expand both heat capacity, and reduce power plant cold source loss, power generation in lower coal consumption and heating coal consumption.
The project according to wuan heating area growth stage. This project design total heating capacity is 600 mw, when it is completed